Thursday, September 07, 2006

I am a doctor

Hi everybody!

Again I come up with a wierd title for a post. Today I had a really 'philosophical' chat with one of my friends. This is going to be short post... coz its late right now and I have to wake up to get to the hospital in time....

yeah so, I have studied medicine for six years now... plus almost two years out of five years in specialisation... in pediatrics... that makes eleven years in total... and if there in one thing I truly want out of all of this is that at least once in my career... no, life... coz i think being a doctor is a lifestyle,... I wish that at least once in my life as a doctor and especially a pediatrician I touch just one life... and change that life for the better. That is all I want... to affect the life of one child positively...

So help me God.