Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Independence Day

Hi everybody!

Yet again I emerge from my hole to publish my once-in-a-blue-moon post. I'm alive and well and kickin'.

Today, the 24th of October is Zambia's Independence Day! So, I would like to wish Zambia a bright and prosperous future in the year ahead, and pray that the newly elected leaders keep in mind the struggle many paid for with their blood for the realization of this day. This day, a celebration of freedom, sovereignty and the determination of Zambia to soar above her tribulations and conquer like the eagle, her national bird.

Since independence of a country centers around freedom, I would like to dwell on this and the trend we see in our world today. Take a look at the political trend in the world. We see the rise of the global government - the first one being the U.S.A., and more recently the E.U., Africa concocting her own version, the A.U. (African Union), similar trends in Asia, the Middle East and South America. Now, some will and have called me a communist for my opinion, but it is my opinion and I have a right to have it.

The general consensus is that this new form of political and economic unity is for the benefit of the masses. I am no expert on the matter but what I see is what I will say. As of now Romania (my present country of residence) is poised to join the E.U. on the 1st of January,2007. Promises of a brighter future with a first-world standard of living for the commoner abound. Who am I to disagree with that, after all the fruits of sacrifice are supposed to be borne 30 to 50 years from now. More probably than not, the economies of nations subscribing to this trend towards a global government will flourish with the inevitable influx of investment and political influence. But let us keep in mind, the people/organizations/companies/governments that form this influx do so also for their own benefit. So, what is the price that a country like Romania or Zambia will pay? I haven't lived in Zambia for almost 11 years now and have been in Romania for almost 8 years. So, my perspective will be more realistic speaking about Romania.

A little insight if I may. Before Hungary joined the E.U. a couple of years ago certain commodities were cheaper in Hungary than they were in Romania. This led to a situation where Romanians would cross the border into Hungary to do their shopping. However, after integration the prices in Hungary shot up, wages increased but at a much lower rate and all of a sudden the tables were turned and Hungarians were the ones doing the border-crossing. I expect a similar sequence of events here in Romania with a slower rise in wages.

My friends say in defense of integration that large multi-national corporations will move in and set up shop in Romania providing European standard services, big European banks will provide credit with lower interest rates, and so on and so forth. But what does this make the Romanian masses out to be? Firstly, small Romanian businesses will not be able to withstand the onslaught from these large corporations. They will wither and die. Then we will be left with a situation were the average Romanian is converted into a money churning device for these leeches. A people who will have to take what they are given for lack of an alternative. Already numerous restrictions are being enforced on the Romanian peasants who depend quite a bit on subsistence farming and their livestock. End result being the dependence on the same machine that promises them a better future with wider 'choices', choices offered to them.

What about the political perspective? Again I see a similar fate. Decisions made by the European Parliament will have to be adopted by all member states notwithstanding the views of the people of the member states. Again the argument arises of the organization being a democracy. But that is just what it is - majority rule. And the majority can always be won over one way or the other depending on who is doing the political arm-twisting. An example: let us take the U.S. invasion of Iraq (that is what it was no matter how you sugarcoat it). France and Germany were in the forefront of the Bush-bashing because they had a lot to lose. Of course, it is oil we are talking about here. This was pretty obvious when Saddam's regime was thwarted, who offered to help the U.S. out? Yes! France and Germany, among others. My point here is this: France and Germany's stance on the whole issue was regarded as the European stance despite some countries' support for the U.S. invasion (like Romania). Romania, newly accepted members of NATO for this very reason, had to prove their metal and send their lads to put their necks on the line for war mongers and oil tycoons. And it is this siding with the U.S. that resulted in the postponement of Romania's integration into the E.U. from 2004 (with Hungary) to 2007. This was indeed a major setback for Romanian politics. I hope you can see how once Romania joins the E.U. she will have to dance to the tune of countries that play the music in the E.U. End result? Romania will have little or no say as to what happens on her own soil and with her own people.

This, friends, is the face of a new breed of colonialism. Kind of like neocolonialism on steroids.

Maybe I have oversimplified, maybe I have exaggerated, maybe I am paranoid, but this is the way I see the future of Romania: a state without a say in its own affairs, with an economy which profits foreign corporations than it does its own, one that has to take what it is given.

Coming back to Zambia. The African Union is gaining ground and momentum. However, African leaders have notoriously been known to get their fill before taking the slightest glimpse at the plight of the African people. So how will the African Union ever work out? What we must keep in mind is that this is a global change. Just as European governments are being assimilated into one government so will the continental governments be assimilated into one Global government. It may sound like science fiction but the gears of the machine have been set in motion and it will come to pass. Already a single African currency is in the pipeline expected to be unveiled by 2023. The African Parliament is already well into its gestation. The same is happening in Asia and South America. The Global Government is here. The New World Order is beginning.

But it doesn't sound so bad you say. It might the only way to world peace. It seems like the best thing for any country to affiliate itself to such a body. I say, just like anywhere else, when power is taken from the people and handed to a few, bad things are bound to happen. This is the greedy nature of humankind. We only need to look at President Bush, all the power he bestows on himself, his endeavors in Iraq and his violation of the Americans' rights. Now imagine this on a global scale. This is what I see in a Global government.

Don't misunderstand me. I do believe that wages will be higher, infrastructure will be better, the standard of living will be higher, but it will all come at a price. And that price is our freedom. We will be forced to succumb to the government for our own livelihood and that of our children. We will not be shackled with chains. We will be enslaved by our own desires for material prosperity, and a false sense of security and safety maintained by the only thing that will be left able to wage war - the Global government and those with the power to influence it.

So I say, today on Zambia's Independence Day, let us not surrender our rightful freedoms for hopes based on the words of those in power who have lied and continue to lie. Let us keep the power with the people. Let our leaders serve us because it is because of us that they are where they are. Let us not serve the law, let the law serve us. For if the law does not serve the people, it should not be law. We must struggle like those before us to be free.

Zambia be blessed. Zambia may you prosper. Zambia may you soar like an eagle and be free. May you always be united under the banner One Zambia, One Nation!

"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither" - Benjamin Franklin


rajab said...

Yo Shane, do u rap?!

Shane said...

Hi Rajab!

First, thanks for checking out my blog.

Rap... I am pretty indifferent towards rap. I like quite a few rap songs. I think rapping requires a great amount of lingual dexterity and talent... something I am not certain I have. When it comes to music I really look for message and meaning in songs that I will actually seek out and listen to. Unfortunately, I find this lacking in most of the 'artists' of today. On the other hand, gangster rap is something I strongly detest.

My favorite artist is Bob Marley. Soothing, relaxed music by someone who actually has something to say.

By the way... why do you ask if I rap?

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog.


Ashawari said...

Wow!! never knew this side ofu ever exsisted...interesting!!!;)