Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Obama Deception

The Obama deception is a new movie by Alex Jones that claims reveal a sinister conspiracy that put Barack Obama in the Oval Office and continues to control him for the good of their agenda. I do not want to impress an opinion on you... watch it for yourself and make up your own mind.


Anonymous said...

Total garbage, Alex Jones has a very vivid imagination. The deception here is Alex Jones praying on everyone's fears in these tough times.

I have a very vivid imagination myself, TELL ME WANT YOU WANNA HEAR!

Anyone with half a mind will turn off Alex Jones after listening for a few minutes. The real mind game is being orchestrated by Jones and his cronies, they prey on the weak and in the end, it's all about a money grab for their videos, sponsoring, etc.

Shane said...

Fair enough... that's your opinion. What about the promises that Obama made? Like pulling out of Iraq immediately and universal health care? Why is there now a twenty-something month plan to think about pulling out? And why has the single payer health care been put off the table?

ATM I am for pulling out of the whole middle east and no government funded health care. I also don't agree with everything Jones says. But when you make promises during a campaign... shouldn't you stick to them?

I think Jones is right in calling Obama out on many of these issues.

Tao said...

I see Anonymous all over the internet discrediting things but unable to put their name to their statements.

Stand up and make your point openly, don't watch a few minutes of a doco, if any, then come out with claims that you won't even put your name to.

Pah. Research needs at least two sides or the propaganda machine is simply going to mow you down. Anonymous, conciser yourself mowed down and sucked in.

Steve said...

Seriously... you need to learn to take most of what Alex Jones says with a pinch of salt. It can be shown that most of the "evidence" he uses is either just not true or exagerated.

LOL! Alex Jones makes serious money out of suckers like you.

Try investigating things for yourself instead of letting him do all the thinking for you.

Here would be a good place to start:

There are plenty of people in this world who think logically and come to come to conclusions that are true. You won't find much about these people on the internet, because it is not as sensational as a good conspiracy. Alex Jones is obviously not one of these.

Shane said...

First of all, you clearly have not read what I have written in my post and in the comments following it. Otherwise, you would have known that I do not agree with everything Jones says or the way he puts it across. Neither did I want to convince anybody of anything.

Secondly, you do not know me in the least bit but you go on to make assumptions about me, calling me names and giving me advice behind the anonymity of the Internet! That only makes me see you as closed minded, childish, cowardly and prejudiced, and only serves to discredit whatever sense your comment may contain.

So, 'Steve', trying to salvage your comment, I did start watching the series on youtube that you linked to, "Great Global Warming Swindle ABC Debates". I will watch it all because I like to hear all sides of a story before I make a decision.

But what is the point you are trying to make here? I don't get the connection between the global warming 'conspiracy' and 'The Obama Deception'.

I think in a free society people should be able to question their leaders and keep government in check. And in this spirit, I think Jones raises some important questions about Obama and rightly so.

I would appreciate it if you would keep your comment civilized and relevant if you comment again.