Thursday, June 05, 2008

Different puppet, same hand?

I have been following U.S. Presidential race quite closely on the candidates' channels on YouTube. I am not much of a T.V. person. Anyway, Barack Obama's videos were always inspiring and gave you that warm fuzzy feeling of hope.

And then today I check my subscriptions and I find this video. It turned out to be the biggest anticlimax of this whole race. After months and months of pointing fingers at other candidates for taking money from the 'special interests', he gives a speech at AIPAC days after clinching the Democratic nomination. Now AIPAC define themselves as 'America's Pro-Israel Lobby'. As soon as I consider this, a big flashing sign lights up in my head, and what does it say? Sellout! Even more so when he says. "I understood the Zionist idea..." Now Zionists and Israelis or Jews are two very different groups of people. Zionists have a clearly laid out political agenda. So don't go and label me an anti-Israelite or anti-Semitic. He further goes on to give a speech that G.W. himself would be proud of.

My head drops and all I can think is "It's a different puppet on the same hand."

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