Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Power of Nightmares

I found this very interesting documentary by Adam Curtis, first aired on BBC in 2004. It analyzes and follows the two sides that seem to dictate the mood of politics of late, internationally and sometimes locally. They are the neo-conservatives and the radical Islamists. You will have to set aside some time to watch these 3 one-hour episodes, but it is well worth it.

Baby Its Cold Outside

The Phantom Victory

The Shadows in the Cave


Mic said...

Good documentary

Also check out this series by the same maker Adam Curtis

The Trap: What Happened to Our Dreams of Freedom

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

Shane said...

Thanks mic for watching, commenting and posting the links to 'The Trap' series. I will have to find some time to watch them attentively.

I also read your blog post about the 'Insider'. Now that is an immensely thought provoking read!

writing your dissertation said...

I think if there has been a theme in Curtis's work since, it has been to look at how different elites have tried to impose an ideology on their times, and the tragicomic consequences of those attempts